"Outstanding Service Begins With Outstanding People"- Meet some of the team that makes it all possible! If you need to contact members of the staff please click their name to start an email.

&John Poteet
 Managing Partner 

Georgianne Poteet
 Special Projects Manager 

 Don Sistrunk
 General Manager 

Jacob Warren
AGM Administration/
Marketing Manager

 Matt Alombro
 AGM  Operations

 Bridget Higginbotham
Director of New Business
Phillip Freeman
IT Manager

Mike McCollum
Fleet/Lease Manager

 Patty Dwyer
 Payroll & Benefits  

Jessica Dugas
Vehicle Registration

Carl Dugas
IT Specialist

 Linda Castillo
 Fleet/Lease Coordinator

Bob White
Lot/Driver Supervisor

Kellie Palmisano
Block Clerk Supervisor 

Karen Berthelot
Online Administrator Marketing Coordinator

 Dean Berteau
Sales Representative 

Jeff Martin
Sales Representative 

Andrew Poteet
E-Business Coordinator 

Deana Hooks
Sales Representative  

Angie Randazzo
Sales Representative 

 Ami Holden
Title Clerk 

Tenna Cooper
Marketing/Sales Assistant 

Nora Bennett
Human Resources

Katie Alombro 
Office Manager

Wayne Tyson
Online Sales