John Dough

What is John Dough?

John Dough is how we reward our customers for doing business with us every day. Throughout the year and every Tuesday, we have promotions where we award you with John Dough Dollars for use in our John Dough Gift Auctions. We inform you of these promotions via our pre-sale announcements before the sale, lobby flyers, Facebook posts, and our weekly pre-sale email sent every Monday to your inbox. 

What can you do with John Dough?

Use your John Dough Dollars to bid on items in our bi-annual John Dough Gift Auction (anniversary sale in May, holiday sale in December). We have auctioned IPODs, Xbox gaming system, cameras, video cameras, jewelry, Saints tickets, Nascar racing trips, and more. Please offer your suggestions for items you would like to see in the gift auction and we will do our best to include them. John Dough vouchers will be prepared in advance of the gift auction and available in the Marketing Office.

How do you earn John Dough?

The best way to earn John Dough is by simply doing business with us!  For every vehicle you buy at our auction, you earn $3,000 in John Dough.  For every vehicle you sell at our auction, you earn $1,000 in John Dough.  There are also opportunities to earn bonus John Dough through the year including giving blood when we have the bloodmobile at the auction, participating in weekly promos, and many others!  

Please Note

John Dough Dollars have no redeemable cash value and are only used in our gift auctions. The program starts new every January. We do not rollover John Dough Dollars. Contact the marketing department at (985) 345-3302 or [email protected]  with any questions.

We invite you to take advantage of these rewards! It’s our way of living the lagniappe and showing how much we appreciate your business.