LAFCAA’s College Basketball Bracket Competition!

Think you have what it takes to predict this year’s champion?  LAFCAA is giving our customers the chance to fill out and submit your NCAA Men’s College Basketball bracket!

Your bracket will be scored throughout the tournament based on the metrics below.  Every correct team guessed will earn you a certain number of points, and the person with the most points after the tournament is over will take

Click here to print your 2024 men’s tournament bracket


  • Brackets must be submitted to the Front Office OR Tyler in Marketing BEFORE March 21st
  • Brackets must contain your FULL NAME, & DEALERSHIP
    • Brackets not containing this information will be considered void and WILL NOT be entered to win
  • Teams written down MUST be legible
  • One bracket per individual, dealerships may have multiple entries, but they MUST all be from different dealers
  • Find the official Men’s Bracket for this year’s tournament here. 
  • Winner will be contacted via phone after the tournament has concluded


  • Each correct team in Round 1 will earn you 1 point.
  • Each correct team in Round 2 will earn you 2 points.
  • Each correct team in Round 3 will earn you 4 points.
  • Each correct team in Round 4 will earn you 8 points.
  • Each correct team in Round 5 will earn you 16 points.
  • Picking the Winner will earn you 32 points.

Teams will be selected for the tournament on Sunday, March 17th. Remember, brackets MUST be turned in BEFORE Thursday, March 21st


good luck!  For any questions, give us a call and ask for tyler in marketing!