Edge Pipeline & Velocicast

We are on Edge Pipeline, a joint website comprised of a group of independent auctions across the country dedicated to dealers. On the Pipeline, you can view cars not only at Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction, but also at other member auctions. View pre-sale catalogs, no sale lists, market reports, and your account information. You can do a quick search for a specific vehicle too. A simple click will give you access to our simulcast events each week via the Pipeline. Please review our simulcast policies and fees before placing a bid. All green light online purchases under 175,000 miles are subject to a 7-Day $115 Buyer Protection Plan described in the policies.

Now Accepting Credit Cards

Dealers may now use their major credit cards to pay for Buyer Protection Plans and any balance on their AR (Accounts Receivable). Credit card payments will not be accepted for anything other than BPP's or AR.

Fax or Email Your Check

Try our secure check transmittal system! We save you the time and expense of overnighting your checks. Simply fax your checks to (985) 345-5735 or scan it and email it to office@lafcaa.com. It's just another convenient service we offer as part of our signature lagniappe! No worries, it is completely secure.

Online Vehicle Exchange

Louisiana's 1st Choice Auto Auction is an OVE Signature Provider auction! Let us help you sell your cars via Online Vehicle Exchange! For details on how to buy AND sell cars on OVE contact Wayne Tyson (985-415-0418).

Buyer Protection Plans

We offer 6 different BUYER PROTECTION PLANS for your convenience and peace of mind. All green light vehicles are eligible except those vehicles over 175,000 miles. 

All green light cars under 175,000 miles purchased via simulcast require a 7-Day $115 BPP. Please be aware the cosmetic damage, check engine light, ABS/SRS light, and electrical accessories are not covered (refer to our auction policies).

More Services

  • Friendly, well-trained staff with over 100 years of combined auction experience
  • State-of-the-art Auction technology platform.
  • Title expertise and notary
  • Title guard by Autocheck
  • Targeted advertising and marketing
  • Experienced sales staff offering personal account attention
  • Membership support in dealer associations
  • Weekly email updates of sale information
  • Local vehicle pick up
  • Member of AuctionAccess
  • Member of AIA, Auction Insurance Agency, Inc.
  • Airport transportation 
  • Hotel assistance for out of town customers 
  • Clean, attractive, and secure facility easily accessible from I-10/I-12/ & I-55
  • 6 auction lanes with video and audio recorded sales

Available Floor Plans



Hotel Reimbursement Guidelines for Dealers



Buy/Sell 1 Vehicle
Buy/Sell 2 to 5 Vehicles
Buy/Sell 6 to 9 Vehicles

Buy/Sell 10 or More Vehicles

Buy/Sell 18 or More Vehicles

Travel Reimbursement 

$50 Hotel
$75 Hotel
$85 hotel 

$125 Hotel 

$100 Travel Bonus Plus $125 Hotel 


How It Works

How it Works:

You can secure your room at Holiday Inn 1819 SW Railroad Ave, Hammond La 70403, 985-662-3877or 888-211-9874. This hotel offers a corporate rate of $85 under Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction if requested.  Should have questions please call our office and ask for Karen in the Marketing Department for assistance.  We will also accept receipts for other hotels but cannot secure reservations with other establishments.

Attend the auction and before leaving for the day submit proof of hotel stay and air travel via full receipt showing name of traveler and dates of travel to the Marketing Department.  

Based on the criteria listed above, travel reimbursement will be in the form of a check available for pick up in the Marketing Department on the buyer’s first auction visit after sale in which expenses were incurred, i.e. travel to May 20 sale, receive check at next sale attended. All reimbursement checks will be made payable to the company that the buyer represents.  The auction will not be responsible for any charges that result from a cancelled reservation or disputes between the traveler and the hotel.

These guidelines are meant to expedite travel arrangements and reimbursement to customers who travel from long distances. Any amendments or additions to these guidelines can only be approved by the General Manager. 

We appreciate your business and thank you for “going the extra mile” to attend Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction.  We look forward to seeing you in the lanes!

Updated: 3/15/16