Selling Platforms

Edge Pipeline and Velocicast

We are on Edge Pipeline, a joint website comprised of a group of independent auctions across the country dedicated to dealers. On the Pipeline, you can view cars not only at Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction but also at other member auctions. View pre-sale catalogs, no sale lists, market reports, and your account information. You can do a quick search for a specific vehicle too. A simple click will give you access to our simulcast events each week via the Pipeline. Please review our simulcast policies and fees before placing a bid.

Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction also provides a variety of online selling platforms that are available 24/7. For details on how to buy and sell on these platforms, contact Andy Poteet (985-634-8141).

Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction is an OVE Signature Provider auction! Let us help you sell your cars via Online Vehicle Exchange! For details on how to buy & sell cars on OVE contact Wayne Tyson (985-415-0418).

New to 1st Choice

Turn Auctions is a mobile and desktop-based platform for wholesale auto transactions. Turn Auctions runs 15-minute auctions for dealers/independent auction partners to sell vehicles.