John Poteet

Managing Partner

Matt Alombro

Vice President & General Manager

Operations Department

Jacob Warren

Vice President & Chief Operating Officer

Don Sistrunk

Floor Plan Coordinator / Auditor 

Georgianne Poteet

Special Projects Manager

Front Office

Katie Alombro

Business Manager

Jaclyn Levy

Office Supervisor

Kathy Colkmire


Human Resources Department

Joe Petkovich

Human Resources and Safety Liaison

IT Department

Phillip Freeman

IT Manager

Carl Dugas

IT Specialist

Sales Department

Tenna Cooper

Inside Sales Administrative Manager

Jeff Martin

Sales Manager

Toni Paige

Sales Representative

Angie Randazzo

Sales Representative

Dean Berteau

Sales Representative

Lori Hart

Sales Representative

E-Commerce Sales Department

Andy Poteet

E-Commerce Manager

Wayne Tyson

Online Sales Process Manager

Kandi Novak

E-Commerce Sales Representative

Allen Powell

E-Commerce Condition Report Writer

Shane Martel

E-Commerce Condition Report Writer

Fleet Lease Department

Mike McCollum

Fleet/Lease Manager

Patty Dwyer

Assistant Manager

Norma Leahy

Fleet/Lease Transportation Coordinator

Jessica Dugas

Vehicle Registration Manager & Dealer Transportation Coordinator

Chris Lewis

PSI and Mechanic Supervisor

Bob White

Lot/Driver Supervisor

Caleb Whittington

Condition Report Supervisor

Troy Bickham

Detail Supervisor