Who can attend the auction?

All dealers licensed within their state and registered at EBlock New Orleans can attend the auction. EBlock New Orleans is a Dealer Only Sale. No retail customers. Suspension of auction privileges could result from disregard of this policy. For assistance registering at EBlock New Orleans call our office at (985) 345-3302 or email [email protected].

What is Simulcast and how do I sign up?

Simulcast allows buyers and sellers to participate in an auction online. Buyers gain entrance into the lanes and sellers can represent their vehicles remotely. Click here to register with Edge Pipeline!

What forms of payment do you accept?

  • EBlock New Orleans accepts a variety of payment options: Cash, Cashiers Check, Check, Floor Plan, Money Order and Wire.
  • Click here for a full list of floor plans we accept. 
  • Email [email protected] for information on wire payments. 
  • Dealers may now use their major credit cards to pay for Post-Sale Inspections and any balance on their AR (Accounts Receivable). Credit Card payments will not be accepted for anything other than PSI’s or AR. 
  • Try our secure check transmittal system! We save you the time and expense of overnighting your checks. Simply fax your check to 985-345-5735 or scan it and email it to [email protected].
It’s just another convenient service we offer as part of our signature LAGNIAPPE! No worries, it is completely secure.

Is there an additional charge for buying cars on simulcast?

  • A small buyer and sellers fee is added to each individual online transaction. Buyers: up to $10,000 – $50/ Over $10,000 – $75 Sellers: $30

When do I have to pay for my purchases?

  • All purchases must be settled on sale day by cash, check or floor plan. Payments not received within 24 hours will be charged a late fee.
  • There will be a $100.00 fee for any returned check or draft.
  • Sellers have 30 days to produce title. Buyers are cautioned not to sell, repair, or recondition a vehicle until the title is received. No expenses or profits will be reimbursed on returned vehicles. Buyers returning a vehicle must inform the auction a day in advance of returning the vehicle. If the title is received by the end of the next business day, the buyer must keep the vehicle. Buyers who put more than 500 miles on a returned vehicle will be charged 35 cents per additional mile. Sellers are responsible for transportation costs TO AND FROM dealers location.
  • Vehicles sold for under $3000 are sold red light, as is. No arbitrations, no exceptions.
  • Any vehicle with 175,000 Miles and over will be sold “AS-IS”
  • “Off the Block” Sales are sold AS IS and are only subject to arbitration for title discrepancies. All OTB sales must have management approval.

Who manages your online inventory and Simulcast?

Edge Pipeline, a joint website comprised of a group of independent auctions across the country dedicated to dealers. On the Pipeline, you can view cars not only at EBlock New Orleans, but also at other member auctions. View pre-sale catalogs, no-sale lists, market reports, and your account information. You can do a quick search for a specific vehicle too. A simple click will give you access to our simulcast events each week via the Pipeline. Please review our simulcast policies and fees before placing a bid. All green light online purchases under 175,000 miles are subject to a 7-Day $115 Buyer Protection Plan described in the policies.


What kind of Buyer Protection Plans do you offer?

We offer 6 different BUYER PROTECTION PLANS for your convenience and peace of mind. All green light vehicles are eligible, except those vehicles over 175,000 miles. Choose our 7-Day Frame & Drive for $115, Diesel 3-Day Frame and Drive for $300, 14-Day Frame & Drive for $150, 7-Day Drive for $85, 14-Day Drive for $125, and Frame Only for $50. All green light cars under 175,000 miles purchased via simulcast require a 7-Day $115 BPP. For any vehicle selling for over $20,000, there is a $50 fee. We follow NAAA Arbitration Policy. Refer to our auction policies for any questions.


  • Does Structural damage have to be announced on red light units?
    • YES!  Any unit with structural damage or alterations requires an announcement
  • Is the payout coverage negotiable?
    • Arbitration payouts will not exceed the max amount listed on the PSI tier
  • Does a PSI have to be resolved within 3, 7, or 14 days?
    • No.  The amount of days on each PSI tier represents the number of days you have to place a claim, not the amount of time to rectify the issue
  • How do PSIs work for simulcast buyers?
    • Arbitration payouts will not exceed the max amount listed on the PSI tier