We offer 6 different Post-Sale Inspections for your convenience and peace of mind. All green light vehicles are eligible. except those vehicles over 175,000 miles. 

All green light cars under 175,000 miles purchased via simulcast require a 7-Day $115 BPP. 


Post-Sale Inspections

14 Day

$2,000 Coverage

14 Day
Drive Only

$2,000 Coverage

7 Day

$1,500 Coverage

7 Day
Drive Only


3 Day

$1,500 Coverage

Frame Inspection


Further Details:

  • Add $50 for vehicles over $20,000
  • Only available to Green light vehicles with fewer than 175,000 miles
  • Arbitration will be resolved up to coverage payout only

We follow NAAA Arbitation Policy for any additional questions refer to our auction policies.



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