13 Years Strong

I am pleased to report that we have been a 6 lane auction now for a month and I am so pleased with the excitement in the new lanes and support of our dealers in this phase of our growth. Congratulations to our $500 winners at our Lane Grand Opening Sale April 21st: Jonathan Aldy of Unique Autos won for buying online, Corey Robicheaux of Audubon Wholesale won for buying in lane, and Chris Brown with Richards Honda won for selling.

We continue the fun in those lanes with additional promotions through May 12th. We will offer our buyers and sellers in our newest lanes $1000 John Dough per transaction AND buyers of green light eligible cars may get a half price 7-Day Frame/Drive BPP (a $50 discount).

Don’t forget to sign up for our Annual Fishing Rodeo on May 16-17, just before our 13th Anniversary Sale on May 19th. If you have attended this event in past years you know how much fun it is so be sure to register to reserve your spot. If you’ve never made it before, definitely plan to join us. We can’t guarantee you’ll catch fish but we do promise a great time! See anyone at the front counter to register for this fun event by the deadline, May 5th.

Please join us May 19th as we celebrate our 13th anniversary with a 1000 vehicle sale, delicious boiled crawfish, and our ever popular John Dough gift auction featuring prizes valued at $25,000, including the beautiful Seadoo you see in our auction lobby. The market remains strong at Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction, as does our commitment to providing excellent service to you, our valued customers. We are enthusiastic about the future of YOUR independent auction and all that we can do to ensure your success. Thank you for giving us purpose for the past 13 years and all the years to come.

“The best way to predict your future is to create it.”
Abraham Lincoln