EBlock’s Acquisition of LAFCAA – Letter from John Poteet

To our valued customers,

We recently celebrated Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction’s 20th Anniversary. For 20 years we have prided ourselves on delivering lagniappe – going above and beyond for you, our customers, to power your businesses with wholesale inventory and trusted service. It is with that same spirit that my partners and I announce that Louisiana’s 1st Choice has joined EBlock – a dealer-to-dealer auction platform that shares our dedication to outstanding service.

You may be wondering why we’ve made this decision. The answer is quite simple – I believe in order to continue to be successful in the automotive industry, auctions are going to need both physical and digital options. EBlock shares that vision, making this acquisition the perfect step in strengthening both EBlock and LAFCAA.

We’ve always seen EBlock as a leader in empowering physical auctions to embrace digital efficiencies. Through this partnership, we will be able to move faster, reaching more buyers and sellers where and how they want to do business. Together, we will simplify and streamline the wholesale experience by connecting EBlock’s industry-leading technology with our full-service physical location.

Furthermore, EBlock’s commitment to customer service made this decision that much easier: Right from the start, we have the foundation for a collaborative and productive relationship.

LAFCAA will continue to be managed by Matt Alombro, General Manager, and his great team of auction professionals. Matt will report to me in my new role on EBlock’s corporate team and we intend to continue and expand on the lagniappe that you have come to expect over the years.

Thank you to all of you who have been with us since May 14, 2002 and all of you that have been attending since. Outstanding service begins with outstanding people and I am excited to know that our new partners feel the same way!

-John Poteet