Summer Fun and New Offerings

It’s hard to believe almost half the year has come and gone. The first quarter was strong with robust sales through our Rockin’ Mardi Gras event and tax season. Our 17th Anniversary Sale in May was also a success. Now the lazy days of summer are approaching and consignment numbers are lighter than normal. Don’t be fooled. We have quality cars for our buyers and sellers should note that we average 42% of our bidders online. Dealers need cars and we are an excellent outlet to find them both in lane and online with a busy and growing E Commerce department. No matter the market, Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction continues to offer excellent service.

Here’s what we have for you this summer…

  • Annual Lagniappe Sale Event July 16
  • Annual Tailgate Sale Event August 20
  • Free 28-day float for qualified buyers on Lane 6F purchases on June 11, July 16, and August 20

If you are a regular attendee of our auction you already know about these new offerings but for those of you who are new to 1st Choice please check out…

  • Retail Ready Lane units (NAAA Certified Silver, Gold or Platinum) at 9:30 in Lane 4R and
  • Virtual Lane units (vehicles that run with photos and CR’s but are not physically in lane) starting Lane 5V and 9:45. Virtual Lane buyers earn $20,000 John Dough and receive a complimentary PSI on each transaction

And drum roll please…..A new floorplan company is at your service! Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction now offers floor planning to our qualified dealers on cars purchased here. To apply, see Business Manager, Katie Alombro.

Enjoy your summer and don’t miss a Tuesday at Louisiana’s 1st Choice Auto Auction. We exist to help you succeed in the car business. See you in the lanes!

“We see our customers as invited guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It’s our job every day to make every important aspect of the customer experience a little bit better.” ~ Jeff Bezos