Tailgate Time!

Summer is winding down and football season is fast approaching as we make final preparations for our annual Louisiana’s 1 st Choice Auto Auction Tail Gate Party. This is an event you won’t want to miss on Tuesday, August 22. We’ll be tailgating and giving away prizes to help you create your own amazing tailgate party. We will celebrate with 900+ vehicles, special guest and former New Orleans Saints wide receiver and LSU great, Devery Henderson, delicious food, and football/tailgate party themed prizes. You could win two Saints season tickets, LSU tickets, or your own customized tail gate party with the 1 st Choice Tail Gate trailer.

This will be our last free 28-Day float for eligible buyers of Fleet/Lease units (lane 6F). And it’s Mystery Envelope time again! Buy or sell a vehicle August 22 (or the two sales before) and let an auction team member open your envelope to reveal your prize. You may win a valuable gift card ($50 up to $1000), auction swag, fee discounts, or John Dough. Everyone is a winner! Envelopes are being distributed by our sales reps as they visit dealers so be sure when you see a 1 st Choice sales representative you ask for an envelope.

We love to have fun as we assist our dealers in the buy/sell auction process but we also work hard to create a safe environment for everyone who enters our doors. I recently attended the NAAA safety seminar in Boston to review and share best practices with other auctions on the safety concerns in our industry. As a result, we will implement lane bollards and VIN scanning monitors to enhance the safety of our lanes. Dealers may use their smart phone apps to scan the VIN barcode on the monitor instead of the car to reduce the chance of injury and improve efficiency of moving the cars through the lanes. We are always striving to improve your auction experience and we welcome your comments and suggestions.

Thank you for choosing Louisiana’s 1 st Choice Auto Auction. I’ll see you at our Tail Gate Event and in the lanes every Tuesday!

“Safety doesn’t happen by accident.”
Author Unknown

“Safety isn’t expensive, it’s priceless.”
Author Unknown